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Today’s vinyl windows are designed to meet the needs of an ever-expanding range of architectural demands. Contemporary vinyl windows can be found in any number of sizes, shapes and colors. If you cannot find what you need in stock, a windows manufacturer can custom build your order so that it is just as individual as you are. With so many options to explore, it can be difficult to focus in on the best choice for your particular vinyl windows project. In order to make a prudent decision it is important to educate yourself about the product.

We all know that vinyl windows are great energy conservers. The variations in insulating glazing properties can be customized to meet your specific climatic environment and provide you with noticeable savings on your heating and cooling bills. Vinyl windows are low maintenance, durable and work well within any aesthetic. This easy visual adaptability is in part because of the colour options possibilities but also owes a debt to the sleek state of the art design. How your window opens should also be on the list of options to explore when considering what kind of vinyl windows to install in your house.

You might not realize it, but at one time casement windows dominated the domestic window market. If you are unfamiliar with the term, casement windows are windows that swing out from a hinged sash. The hinge can be on the side, top or bottom of the window frame but most commonly you would see this hinge on the side of the window frame so that the window opens in the same way that a book swings open from the book spine. Like that open book the casement window structure allows for a greater amount of illumination because it permits a relatively large amount of light to enter the room in which it is hung. Casement windows can be opened by hand but, as a contemporary adaptation, are usually opened by an attached crank.

The conventional sliding window has found a place in the average home as well as recreation and transportation vehicles. Formed of two sashes that overlap you might see a sliding window in a bathroom environment or a condominium or apartment setting. While lacking the elegance and classic lines of casement windows, conventional sliding windows function well as a basic vinyl windows application solution.

Hung windows include those vinyl windows that open with one or two sashes. The singular sash hung window only opens on the top or bottom while the two-sash design allows both the top and the bottom panes to be adjusted. Modern designs have added spring mechanisms to lessen the effort involved in opening and closing hung windows. Sliding and hung window designs have come a long way.

Casement windows continue to enjoy an enviable popularity. Aesthetics and convenience of use will both play a huge part in what kind of vinyl windows you will decide on for your project. Whether you choose the illumination of the stylish casement windows, the functionality of conventional sliding windows or the versatility of the well-known hung window you can be guaranteed that you cannot go wrong with vinyl windows.